For many people, managing personal budgeting, cash flow and debt is as important as investing in achieving their goals. For clients of our Prospera Financial Freedom System, we offer the following to help you see how best to manage cash flow, debt and investing.

  1. A full review of your current situation showing whether you can reach your goals with your current plan;
  2. A report on how to reach key milestones such as repayment of mortgage, reaching desired retirement income levels, funding goals such as children’s education, renovations or holidays;
  3. Alternative strategies you may wish to consider which may improve your outcomes;
  4. A detailed cash flow breakdown so you can see the impact of various strategies on your everyday lifestyle;
  5. After your consideration, a detailed financial plan and statement of advice;
  6. Once agreed, implementation of your plan;
  7. Once implemented, ongoing monitoring of your progress;
  8. As things change in your life, further advice to help you make good decisions.
  9. Using the Prospera planning software exclusive to Matrix, we are able to develop a strategy to achieve your goals and then provide ongoing support via monthly cash flow monitoring.

To read more about how Prospera can help you on your financial journey read our brochure below.

Prospera: A passport to your financial future (PDF)