Testimonials - Michael and Catherine Silarski

To Whom It May Concern,

Michael and I have been clients of Clay’s Financial Services for well over 10 years through superannuation and life insurance. In September 2005 we started additional investments through the Prospera Financial Freedom System that has produced some great results for our family.

The increased income in our cash flow has allowed for additional renovations to be completed on our home as well as helped with the rising cost of education and the cost of bringing up children in general.

We have been able to reduce our mortgage and have a better quality of life through the Prospera system as it has given us direction and peace of mind that our short term goals and future retirement plans are on target.

With the market turning down through 2008 was a testing time however, our guidance through the team at Matrix has clearly showed us that this is the way forward with the Prospera Financial Freedom system still exceeding our expectations.

Thank you for your advice and guidance.

Michael & Catherine Silarski

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